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Let’s talk hot tools!

Did you know cranking the heat way up on your hot tools can lead to breakage during your lightening services? 🤯 I’m talking, your ends will look like a chicharron (crispy pork rinds, not cute)⠀

It seems innocent enough. You’ve got straight hair that doesn’t seem to hold a curl so what’s a little 450 degrees on the curling iron if you’re quick about it? ⠀

You wouldn’t bake a thanksgiving turkey at 450 degrees so why bake those strands? ⠀

So here’s what happens: ⠀ ⠀

Let’s say you’ve got virgin hair, never colored. ⠀

You curl your hair every day or every other day at 450 degrees. ⠀

🌵 Over time your ends become a little dry. Over time that dryness crawls up the hair shaft. ⠀

When lightener is applied to hair that has been exposed to that much heat excess damage will show up on your lightened ends. ⠀

So if you’ve found yourself blasting that iron to the bowels of hell levels just check yourself before you wreck your self. 😉⠀

Lower that iron to safe levels depending on your hair type. ⠀

Fine / bleached hair. - stick between 300-360 degrees ⠀

Normal hair / minimally colored - 360-380 degrees ⠀

Coarse hair- 390-400 degrees⠀

Low and slow is always safer. Always use a heat protector before blow drying and curling like Innersense Organic Prep Spray.

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