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3 Ways to Keep Your Hair Extensions Looking Fabulous This Summer

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to switch up your hair style and try something new! Who doesn't love popping in 22 inches of pure mermaid hair int he summer?

If you're rocking hair extensions, here are three ways to keep them looking healthy and fabulous all season long.

  1. Wash your extensions correctly and protect from chloring or salt water.

  2. Always brush extensions with care

  3. Minimize heat damage. Read until the end for a Bonus Tip!

If you're like most people, you're probably looking forward to summer vacation. I know so many of my clients can't wait to hop aboard a cruise or head to a tropical getaway. A little time away can be a welcome respite , especially after the year we have all had! But if you're someone who wears hair extensions, you may be wondering how to keep them looking their best while on vacation. The last thing we want to worry about is our hair!

Never fear! I have some helpful tips for you. In this blog post I'll tell you how to properly wash, brush and sleep with your extensions so that hey stay in great condition all summer long!

Sit back , grab a mai tai and read on:

  1. Washing your extensions properly in the summer and on vacay is key and crucial during this time. It's important to use a gentle sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that will keep them hydrated. I love Davines Oi line. Its best to avoid anything that will strip the hair and cause damage like alcohol. Choose sea salt sprays that are free of alcohol so you can get the beach hair without the dryness.

If you choose to jump in the pool or ocean do so with care. Chlorine and ocean salt can really dry out your extensions and cause matting. As a precaution rinse hair thoroughly before swim activities and spray generously with a leave in conditioner. Then sperate into two low ponytails and twist into buns. Braids can easily become tangled so twisting is more gentle on the hair.

2. Always brush extensions with care: Brushing your hair extensions is important to prevent tangles and matting, but be sure to do it gently! Use a detangling brush like a wet brush, start at the bottom of the extension and hold in your hand like a ponytail while you brush. This will prevent any unnecessary tugging at your scalp. My favorite wet brush is the Pro Shine Enhancer, a combination of boar bristles and plastic bristles that glides through the hair easily.

3. Minimize heat damage: Too much heat can damage your hair extensions, so it's important to minimize your use of styling tools like curling irons and flat irons. Minimizing your use during summer is a great time to just let your hair down and play with some heatless styling options. But be sure to never fully air dry. It's important to dry the roots of your extensions to keep mold from forming.

Braids, twists, or wrapping your hair around socks after blowdrying can give you some beautiful waves and heatless curls! For the sock trick I love to use two thick sleeping socks. Part your hair in two sections down the middle and wind one section around the sock vertically and away from your face. The opening of the sock should be at the bottom so when you're done winding your hair you can pull up the bottom of the sock over the twisted hair. Repeat on the other side and let it sit to cool for 30 -45 minutes.

Bonus Tip: Stay away from traditional sunscreen as it contains an ingredient called Avebenzone and Octocrylene that can turn blond extensions a lovely hue of salmon. Instead opt for a brand like Sun Bum that is mineral based and doesn't contain these harsh chemicals.

If you follow these simple tips, you can enjoy summer vacation without worrying about your hair extensions! So go ahead and book that trip - your hair will thank you for it. Have a great summer!

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