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Welcome to Your Dream Hair!

Your first night with Skinny weft you may feel a slight amount of soreness due to having extra weight on your head. This should go away after the first night.


There should be no prolonged soreness during the week and your beads should never feel tight.


For the first week after a fresh install be sure to wear low ponytails so as not to pull on your beads while your scalp is getting used to this new tension on your



Brush out extensions using a wet brush prior to showering. Hold the hair in one hand and brush from the bottom, working your way up.

Shampoo gently between the rows or you can pin up each row and shampoo each separately. Be sure to work your conditioner up to the root of your extensions.

Only use professional brand sulfate free shampoos, NEVER drugstore brands. My top recommendation is always Davines Oi Oil line.

When rinsing your hair, be sure to split your hair down the center and rest it on your shoulders if they feel heavy. This may only feel heavy for the first week .

Use a leave in detangler right after your shower, before you start brushing out the extensions
using a wet brush or extension brush.
I recommend Davines Oil All in one Milk.


Use 5 - 10 pumps of Davines Oi Oil on your ends prior to blow - drying.

Image by Taisiia Stupak


Rough dry your hair 80% of the way (meaning no tugging at the extensions with a round brush or comb, just use your hands/fingers). This applies to blow dry bar salons as well.

Before you start to blow dry go in and feel between your extensions to make sure they are completely combed out with no tangles. Clip up your hair in horseshoe sections from bottom to top and gently blow dry with a flat brush.


You can finish by gently using a round brush to soften ends. Be sure never to tug on your

When curling your extensions, run the extension hair through the curling iron to smooth the hair once or twice before placing curls. This will give your extensions a more polished look, close to the cuticle and prolong the extension hair.

Image by Tessa Wilson


Brush the extensions hair out and then place in one or two loose braids before bed to prevent tangling.

You can also put your hair in pigtails. As your extensions grow out the braids will keep them from pulling in your sleep.

If you don't like the feeling of wearing pig tails in your sleep then you can gather your hair above your head and out of the way so you don't pull on it when you sleep. 


At the Beach or Pool be sure to braid your extensions to prevent them from tangling or becoming
excessively dry from the saltwater.


Make sure to wet them and spray with leave in conditioner to
prevent them from soaking up salt water. If you have blonde extensions make sure SPF sunscreen NEVER touches your hair as it will turn the hair pink.

Before entering the water put your hair into two bubble braids or two low buns. 


Image by Antony

Tips & Tricks

Shampoo about 2-3 times per week for convenience. If you feel you need to wash more often , roll the extensions in a bun leaving out the top half of your hair. flip head over in shower or sink and only shampoo your natural hair. This will drastically cut down on drying/ styling time!

Wash at night, let air dry for about 2-3 hours then use blow dryer right before bed to get completely dry. Then straighten or curl in the morning. This process could take an hour in the morning from soaking wet to styled. This will help you get ready faster in the morning!

Be sure to apply oil to the ends of your extensions every day to every other day to keep them hydrated. Remember, extensions have been highly treated and do not receive the same oils from your scalp that your hair does so it is very important to keep them hydrated and shiny.

If the first any beads feels itchy just rub, don't scratch. You can also apply CBD oil or Hui Hui essentials oil to the anchor bead sites.

Image by Marius Cern

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