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All Inclusive Services

To make the booking process a breeze I’ve created Session blocks based on the desired look you want to achieve. *All service packages can include a haircut if time allows. 


As a color and extension specialist I am currently only accepting new clients for color or extensions services


All services include:


  • Customized color application

  • Essential Oil luxury shampoo , Scalp massage and Hot towel head wrap

  • Blow-dry and style with complimentary styling lesson

  • *Custom Haircut 

  • Anti Breakage Treatment (For lightening services only)

Prices are subject to change with above average use of product or time. Final price will be discussed before the service is performed

Hair Dying

New Guest Services

2 hrs

Classic Color



This service is perfect for you if:


You are looking for a solid color or solid root color touch up such as, Gray coverage, A full single color refresh or a face frame highlight only and a haircut. 

Suggested Maintenance: 4-8 weeks.

4 hrs

Dimensional Color



This service is perfect for you if:


You want more contrast to your color or pops of brightness.

You want to see a substantial difference in your color. Includes color in between foils to balance the base as well as lived in beachy or sun-kissed highlights.

Suggested Maintenance: 10- 14 weeks

3 hrs

Brighten Up



This service is perfect for you if:


You have small amount of basic highlights and want a more lived in , subtle beachy blonde or bronde look. Also a perfect choice for first time hand painted subtle highlights.  This session is also perfect for a highlight touch up on the crown and around the face on an existing blonde. Can include a cut if less highlights are done. 

Suggested Maintenance: 12-16 weeks

5 - 6 hrs

Bombshell Transformation

$433 -$510 


This service is perfect for you if:


 If you're looking to be blonde without super high contrast this is the option that will get you there. This is the whole she-bang babes. If you want that popping face frame highlight with bold blonde ends and perfectly blended highlights all throughout then this is also the service for you. This is also a great option for very long and thick hair that may need more time.

Suggested maintenance: 8- 12 weeks

Maintenance Services

Once you receive a New guest service your stylist will let you know which maintenance package will be best to keep your look fresh. 


*If you are an existing client and it Has been over 6 months since your last service please request a service through the new guest booking link. 

Color Packages

Keep Me Classic- $80- $125

 Haircuts or Classic Color :  These are stand alone classic services; Haircuts, Root Retouch, All over Color or Gloss, and include a blowdry. Ideal if you need a hair cut, Base color touch up, Gloss refresh or all over solid color refresh. Not for touching up highlights.


Refresh Me - $125- $160

1.5 - 2 hrs

Ideal if you need more than one service such as Haircut & Solid Root touch up, Accent highlights or a Gloss and cut. 


Rejuvenate Me - $200 - $245

2.5 - 3 hrs

Ideal for maintaining lightening services such as touching up classic highlights/ balayage or quicker combination services such as All over Color + Haircut. 


Renew Me - $295 - $325

3.5 - 4 hrs

Ideal if you want brightness on the top and sides of your head only, it’s been 4 months and you want to maintain your current blonde or add in pieces of depth.  Also great for multiple service like gray coverage +highlights + cut. 

*Service timing that goes beyond 4hrs will be booked as Bombshell transformation. $433- $510 or color correction $100/hr

Joyful, beautiful hipster traveler girl in gypsy look and windy hair, in desert nature.  A
Image by Marius Cern

Restorative Treatments

Treatments include a scalp massage, hot towel head wrap and the soothing sounds of singing bowls paired with aromatherapy. 

Custom Treatment - $10 - $55

From thirsty and dull to damaged and dry this is a service specifically tailored to your hair needs. 

Scalp Scrub & Custom Mask $15 - $60

The perfect custom treatment that addresses scalp and hair concerns. Can be added onto a cut or classic color service. Stand alone treatments include a blow dry.

Repair & Reinforce $23 - $75

A Luxury K18 repair treatment for severely damaged and over processed hair.  K18 renews hair from the inside by repairing broken keratin chains responsible for hairs strength and elasticity. Can be added onto a cut or classic color service. Stand alone includes a blow dry. 

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