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Not sure if hair extensions are for you? Have a bunch of questions?

Don't worry, I've got you! I've compiled an extensive list of all the frequently asked questions I receive about hair extensions. 

Read through and see which method is right for you!

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  • What is Skinny Weft?
    Skinny Weft is a method of installing extensions that uses small silicone lined beaded anchors that attach directly to your hair in the direction of your natural hair growth. I use hair on a weft that is sew onto the beaded anchors in a way that makes it easy to do monthly tune ups. This insures the beads will stay securely in place laying flat beneath the weft. Each foundation of beads are installed slightly off the scalp for health and comfort. Beads can also be hidden for clients with fine hair.
  • Are extensions safe for all hair types?
    Yes! These methods can also be cocktailed which makes them even more customizable. Skinnyweft uses only 10% or less of your own hair in the process leaving the majority of your hair free to flow and grow. This method is safely and mindfully attached using zero tension and equal weight distribution. This prevents damage to the scalp. The amount of hair used depends on your own density so too much hair is never placed on one row.
  • How long do they last?
    Extension hair can last anywhere from 6 - 9 months with proper care and maintenance. Hot tools, sleeping on wet wefts, inadequate brushing and lack of oiling can shorten the life of extensions. Skinny weft can be installed once and worn continuously for up to 4 months with monthly quick tune ups of the wefts. After 4 months they will be removed and reinstalled for another 4 months of wear. You can also opt to just reinstall every 6-8 weeks but this greatly depends on hair density. For many clients that live a great distance away this is usually the best option.
  • Can I provide my own hair?
    I am currently only accepting new extension clients who already have sew in weft hair installed and are looking to switch methods. During the consultation we can chat about how you feel about the color match, blend and quality and if more hair or custom coloring is needed to create a better blend. If the hair is not great quality and is causing issues or is very old and falling apart then I will suggest purchasing an extension package so you can get new hair. Wearing hair that is too old, breaking or falling apart can cause breakage on your natural hair and increase the chance of your hair matting up between your rows. I currently do not take on clients who have purchased their own hair as it might not be enough hair and I can't control how well the color blends with your own hair. This can be especially difficult if you have highlights as I like to use 2-4 shades of extensions to achieve the perfect blend.
  • Can I still color my hair?
    Absolutely! It is super easy to color your hair while extensions are installed. I recommend doing your first color session prior to your installation that way your hair color is fresh all over. Then you can do touch ups on your roots as needed. When you have Skinny Weft installed, highlights can be done around the wefts on the top, hairline and nape area. If you get a solid root color to cover grays your touch ups can be performed the same day as your tune up. Color is applied first before your tune up to insure full coverage and no missed spots. Bleach touch ups require a full removal for both itips and wefts. Solid root color can be done while itips/microlinks are installed but Highlights should be done before installing your hair.
  • Will the beads show with Skinny Weft?
    Skinny weft can be applied in two ways, Classic and Hidden Skinny. If you have very dense hair you don't have to worry about the beads showing when you wear your hair up , however slicked back ponytails are not recommended as you can pull on the beads and create tension which can lead to hair loss. For fine hair the beads can be hidden by sandwiching two wefts above and below the beads.
  • Can I go swimming in the ocean or a pool?
    Yes but with great caution! Extension hair has been processed so it is naturally very dry and needs a lot of moisture. Salt water and chlorine can further dry your extensions and shorten their life span. If you decide to venture into the ocean or pool it is recommended that you first wet your hair in the shower and spray thoroughly with a leave in conditioner before putting it into two bubble braids or low buns. Rinse and shampoo immediately after all water activities. The molecules from water and leave in will help to dilute any salt water and chlorine.
  • I've never had extensions, what can I expect?"
    It will feel like you have extra weight on your head. When shampooing and rinsing your hair in the shower I recommend splitting your hair down the middle and resting it on your shoulders to alleviate any heaviness. The first day should feel comfortable yet slightly sore when you rest your head on your pillow. This is due to the new weight and tension on your head. Both Skinnyweft is installed in such a way that will allow the scalp to acclimate comfortably so that feeling should subside by the second night. With Skinny weft you'll find that you don't have to shampoo as often so I suggest just washing the top if your hair gets greasy. Never sleep on wet extensions.
Image by Marius Cern

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