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Do extensions cause damage?

As a hair extension stylist in the Los Angeles area I get this question a lot and the simple answer is a big N-O. 🙅🏼‍♀️ There are a TON of extension artists in my area and quality of work varies .


🌟When extensions are installed using correct tension and weight distribution then they will not ruin your natural hair.


🌿In fact they can help to protect your natural hair by taking on the brunt of heat damage which will allow your hair to get healthier.


Damage occurs when:


🏋️‍♂️Too much weight is placed on your hair. Usually too many wefts for your density type (6-8 wefts is too many no matter your density)


🪢Your extensions are installed too tightly. You need a little but of mobility even if you light it snug. Sewing further tightens everything. Tight extensions can cause your hair to get plucked out at the follicle prematurely leading to traction alopecia.


🪡There is over direction. When the amount of hair in a bead is too much it can create pulling. If the beads are forced to lay in a position that is not natural to the hairs growth it can cause bald spots. This can be seen frequently on the last beads in certain methods.


🥀When the wefts are sewn onto the natural hair with no support and left to grow out for 8+ weeks. This can cause a lot of friction on fine hair that can't handle it. This can lead to weakening of the strands.


🌺The health of your hair is my top priority. If I ever think your hair can't handle something or we need to change things up in order to preserve your scalp and hair integrity I will always let my guests know.

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