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Extension Services

Ready to change your life?

I can tell you from personal experience hair extensions are life changing. 

If you've been considering extensions it could be that..


  • Maybe your hair has been getting thinner as the years have gone by

  • Perhaps you feel like your own hair never seems to grow.

  • You’re dealing with post partum hair loss. 

  • You’ve been struggling with fine thin hair your whole life and finally want to have thicker longer hair. 

  • You have heard the horror stories and are worried about long term damage. 

  • You are over sitting for hours to get your hand tied extensions re-installed. 


I’ve got you! I’ve certified in 3 different methods because I was determined to find the most safe and effective method for you. It took a few certifications to find the method that made my heart jump for joy. Skinny weft is that method. 


When you commit to a stylist who is dedicated to scalp health and methods that promote hair growth and safety you’ll start to love your hair again. 

Skinny Weft Extensions

Skinny Weft is a method of installing hair that can use hand-tied or machine weft extensions. The extensions are sewn onto a row of beaded anchors that are placed in the natural direction of hair growth.


It only requires quick monthly express move-ups that take 30-60 minutes. Skinny Weft can be worn continuously for up to 4 months before having to be removed and reinstalled. 

All Extension packages include:

  • Extensions Hair & Weft color customization

  • Installation, Cut & Style

  • Complimentary Removal

  • Luxury Deep Conditioning Treatment

  • Davines Deluxe size Home care kit. 

  • Lunch on me for 2.5 & 3 row installs


A Consultation is required for all extension services. Color services for your own hair are quoted separately

Skinny Weft Package Pricing

Currently only accepting extension guests for full installation packages or to switch from their current method. 

All Re-installations include a wash & blow dry. If you are switching from another method removal is an extra $55

The Mess Around $700 - $1000

50 grams / 1 row

A quick volume boost! One row of hand tied or machine wefts for volume and to fill in sparse ends. 

Monthly Tune Up: $70

Re-installation: $220+

Gold Dust Woman $1150 - $1700

100 grams / 2 rows

2 rows for a little bit of length and fullness. Perfect for very fine hair. 

Monthly Tune Up: $90

Re- installation: $395+

California Girl $1650 - $2400

150+ grams / 2.5 rows

This is beach babe hair. Ideal if you want hair that is  4-5 inches longer than your natural, or need to blend out a lot of layers. 

Monthly Tune Up: $110

Re-installation: $490+

Turn Back Time $1700 - $3000

200+ grams /3-4 rows

Gimme a head with hair! Long beautiful hair! This is the works and a full transformation. Ideal if you want hair that reaches your waist or longer.

Monthly Tune Up: $120

Re- Installation: $570+

Image by Marius Cern

Have Questions? Check out my F.A.Q

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